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We offer both on range (White Sands Missile Range) and off range State wide public land hunts for Oryx. The (WSMR) hunts are a 3 day hunt with half of your first day consisting of orientation. The state wide off range public land draw hunts are a month long hunt that generally has better draw success rates. We offer a 3 day hunt package for the off range hunts with the ability to purchase more days if you are unsuccessful in the first 3 days. Though the numbers of Oryx off range are less and can be hard to find we still currently have a 100% success rate harvesting an Oryx. We usually spend a lot of time in the truck covering country looking for these animals, but the wait is well worth it. They are a great trophy and as far as we are concerned, you won't find better meat! There are many options and hunt dates for Oryx please call to discuss which hunts you would like to apply for.

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