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We offer public and private land elk hunts in the Lincoln national forest, which is located in south central New Mexico.   The terrain we hunt elk in can be rough and challenging at elevations ranging from 6,000 to over 10,500 feet. Most archery and muzzleloader elk hunts will be during the rut and we will generally be calling elk in to close range. Our rifle hunts are a little later in the year and involve more spot and stock situations. We mostly hunt units 34, 36, and 37, if you are interested in hunting anywhere else in the state feel free to contact us and we can discuss those options. We also offer cow elk hunts. Cow hunts are resident only for the draw but we do have a limited amount of  land owner tags available for nonresidents. If you want an elk hunt based out of a house or cabin in town, or a high mountain packed in camp in the wilderness contact us and we will do our best to book the hunt of your dreams.

Elk Seasons

1st archery                           Sep. 1-14

2nd archery                     Sep. 15-24

Muzzleloader                     Oct. 5-9

Early rifle/muzzle                  Oct. 1-5

1st rifle                                Oct. 12-16 

2nd rifle                           Oct. 26-30       

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bobby bull.jpg
bobby cow 21.jpg
luke cow.jpg
burr cow.jpg
mom bull.jpg
brian elk.jpg
tent bull.jpg
madi cow.jpg
Quentin elk.jpg
katy cow.jpg
kelli bull.jpg
Nini elk.jpg
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