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Guided Hiking/Camping Trips

Guided Hiking Trips

We offer guided hiking tips in the Lincoln National forest, with multiple trails to choose from. They all vary in difficulty and distance. Whether you are looking for an easy 1 hour hike in the morning or an all day adventure in the wilderness, contact us and we will do our best to book you the hiking trip you desire. It will be the hikers responsibility to get to the trail head that the hike is to take place from, with water and snacks of your choice and we will guide you on the hike. This way you can enjoy a nice scenic hike in the woods without the worry of getting lost or misplaced in the wilderness.

Guided Hiking Prices

All hikes have a 2 person minimum! Prices are per person. All hikes are subject to NM Gross Receipts tax.

1 hour guided hike 2 +/- miles                  $35.00

3-4 hour guided hike 5 +/- miles              $75.00

6-8 hour guided hike 8+/- miles              $135.00

Hikers are responsible for their own day pack with water and snacks appropriate for the hike they booked.

Guided Camping Trips

We offer camping trips in the White Mountain Wilderness. If you would like to take a 2-3 day hiking trip in the wilderness give us a call. We will supply the tents, food, beverages, and have everything set up before you get here. You meet us at the trail head with your back packs and personal belongings that you will need for over night and we hike in to camp. You and your family/friends enjoy the couple of days in the great outdoors hiking trails, seeing the beautiful views, enjoy meals cooked and stories told over the camp fire. We clean up camp and hike out the next day. If you have always dreamed of taking a camping trip in the wilderness and have never had the means give us a call and we can set you up.

Camping Check List

1 change of clothes

2 pairs extra socks

hiking boots

tooth brush

day pack

water bottles



light weight sleeping bag

Guided Camping Prices

All camps have a 2 person minimum! Prices are per person.

All hikes are subject to NM gross receipts tax of.

2 Day 1 Night                               $800.00

3 Day 2 Night                             $1200.00

Hikers are responsible for their own day packs and sleeping bags with some water and snacks for their day hikes. We will supply 2 meals on start day and end day and 3 meals on middle day if you book a 3 day trip.

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