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Mtn Lion/Bear

We offer public land Mountain Lion and Bear hunts in southern New Mexico. Both Mountain Lion and Bear hunts can be physically taxing. We suggest being in the best shape you can before you get here. We have an awesome lion guide who has a great pack of dogs that will do all they can to put a cat in a tree for you. Our Mtn Lion and Bear hunts are sold as a 5 day hunt with a trophy fee if you kill, so if we don't tree a cat or bear you aren't out the full price of a trophy hunt. We suggest planning on being here for 5-7 days on a lion hunt and 5 for bear. We offer spot and stock bear hunts as well, if you are interested just let us know. We can hunt bears from Aug 16-31 and again from Sept. 25-Nov. 30 or until quota is met in our zones. April 1st starts the new season for Mountain Lion and we can hunt them year round or until the quota is met in our zones.

dan lion kill.png
norm lion 2.jpg
jov lion.jpg
mickle lion.jpg
norm lion.jpg
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treed cat.png
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